hydraulic double sealing control valve

 Nominal diameter: DN200 ~ DN3000
 Nominal pressure: PN2.5 ~ PN40
 Applicable medium: water, sea water, sediment water, oil and so on
 Medium temperature: ≤425 ℃
 Opening time: 20 ~ 90 seconds (adjustable)
 Fast off time: 2.5 ~ 20 seconds (adjustable)
 Slow off time: 6 ~ 90 seconds (adjustable)
 Fast closing angle: 70 ° ± 10 °
 Slow off angle: 20 ° ± 10 °
 Fully open state minimum flow resistance coefficient: 0.3
 Control system Optional media: 1, pipeline media 2, tap water
 Electromagnet optional control voltage: AC220V, DC24V
 Status signal: passive switch signal, 4 ~ 20mA analog signal

Double sealed automatic control valve is in the multi-function hydraulic control valve and many other excellent performance on the basis of the valve.

It is an electric butterfly valve with check valve function, and through the fast closing and slow closing action to eliminate water hammer hazards, protection of water pump and pipe network system security, widely used in electricity, metallurgy, urban construction, water supply and drainage Such as automatic pumping station system.

  • three eccentric structure
  • reducing the friction torque
  • anti-sediment and pressure automatic compensation effect.
  • Slow closing device and valve plate linkage opening and closing, automatic fast closing
  • installed  valve position transmitter, send 4 ~ 20mA analog valve position signal to the remote control room, to achieve remote monitoring.
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