fixed cone valve hollow jet valve
Size DN100-DN2000
Pressure PN10, PN16, PN25 or larger
Working temperature -10~80℃
Working position Long submerged in water
medium Fresh water
Actuation Manual, electric actuator, hydraulic

Fixed cone valves also named hollow Jet valves are mainly used as discharge valve in turbine bypass valves , reservoir or other discharge purpose and can regulate flow also.

These valves are used to discharge water at high pressure from reservoirs or full pipes into atmosphere. Some designed valves can also work submerged in the water. A hood can be incorporated at the end of the valve.

With features: simple cone valve structure , low head loss , low flow resistance coefficient , various operation mode, advanced anti-cavitation design and long product life.

  • Applications:

Water treatment ;

Water distribution system ;

Discharge purpose at the dam or other needs (dam, reservoir etc.)

Part name Material
body Carbon steel, cast steel, stainless steel
Fixed cone Carbon steel, cast steel
Sleeve Stainless steel
Seat Stainless steel+NBR
Yolk Carbon steel
Driven rod Carbon steel, stainless steel
Gear box Carbon steel

Note: Other materials are available under request.

fixed cone valve,hollow jet valve
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