electric plunger valve (2)
Rated pressure(MPa)
Nominal diameter(mm)
Suitable medium
0.25 400~2000 water, hot water , etc.
0.6 200~1600
1.0 200~1600
1.6 200~1200

The Plunger Valve designed specifically for variable water flow rates.


  • Optimized to sewage clogged chute and fouling applications.
  •  Automatically adjusted conduit medium parameters preset value , so that it remains constant within a certain precision , accuracy and range .
  •  Good resistance to cavitations
  •  Integrated electronic circuits , small size, high reliability , high sensitivity & easy installation .
  • Fully closed ,zero leakage
  • Manual control option.
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • Different outlets are available (Vaned ring. slotted, peforated etc.)
Outlets of plunger valve
Part Name Material
Body/end cover/connecting rod rest/flanged pipe/crank lever HT200、HT250、QT450-10、WCB
Stem/shaft pin/piston 2Cr13、1Cr18Ni9Ti
Body gasket ring 1Cr18Ni9Ti
Piston gasket ring NBR EPDM
Connecting rod QT450-10
Bearing ZCuAI10Fe3、ZCuZn38Mn2Pb2
Packing NBR PTFE
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